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ESS Group was founded in 2007 with the purchase of Ystad Saltsjöbad. A journey that now has developed into 10 destinations and 15 restaurants. From Ystad Saltsjöbad, MJ’S and Villa Strandvägen in the south of Sweden to Falkenberg Strandbad along the west coast, followed by Hotel Pigalle and Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg and last but not least The Steam Hotel just by lake Mälaren close to Stockholm. In Denmark we’re now proud owners of Marienlyst. And in Norway you can find us at Fýri Resort Hemsedal. Upcoming destinations are situated on Lidingö in the Stockholm archipelago, Ellery Beach House. And in Gårda Gothenburg, a new kind of resort called Jimmy’z. Brasserie LIPP, Port du Soleil, Köket, 8ight, Barabicu, Tranquilo, Zamenhof and Excet are restaurants and clubs that we’re also super proud to be part of.

For ESS Group, long-term is everything. ESS Group don’t do short-term business. It’s a mindset that permeates everything we do. ESS Group invest strategically and continuously to constantly develop both the experience and our team members at our destinations. By doing this, ESS Group stay interesting over time. ESS Group are always honest in the communication to their guests, both digitally and in person. By thinking and acting long term in everything ESS Group’s ambition is to create regulars, ambassadors and relationships. ESS Group’s brand promise is to create moments of happiness and the core values are professional, passionate and playful. Having fun is important!