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Once upon a time in 2007, a group of young boys had an ambitious dream to transform a sleepy, run-down beach hotel with low occupancy, Ystad Saltsjöbad. They had borrowed money from aunts and uncles and mortgaged their houses. But nevertheless, they had hard work and the determination that it would be possible to change and make it into a place that guests wanted to return to often. The goal from day one was to create regulars, or as we say in Swedish “stamgäster”. Hiring and working with individuals and characters who were passionate about hospitality, guests, food, drink, service, and activities. That was the most important thing for us then, and now, even more.

Today- We are almost at 16 destinations and never use the word hotel. The reason is simple, our places are filled with so much more than just rooms. Rooms are an effect of all the other things that you put into a destination. We are convinced that guests want to be surprised and experience many different things. We are also sure that the geographical location where we build the destination is of minor importance. The guest must be seen, welcomed, served, and given the opportunity to experience exactly what they want.

We believe in creating personalized destinations, love details, decor, food, drink, pools and the social that comes with it. We also believe in training, sports, music, artists, art, photography and events. We are driven by passion, playfulness, professionalism, and curiosity and since the beginning have created profitability through the ambition of unforgettable guest experiences with a personal touch. To sum it up: on days when everything comes together perfectly, we proudly declare that ‘We create moments of happiness.’

For many years we said we would never have something called “ESS Office”. The reason for that was because we, who work as a central support, are a part of our destinations. Out of nowhere we got too big for that and could no longer squeeze in at all the different places (we took up too much room and it would affect the guests). And because the most important thing for us is the well-being of our guests, and of course our employers, you will now find our headquarter at Jacy’z Hotel & Resort, which opened in 2022.

In Gothenburg, you will also find charming Hotel Pigalle and Italian lifestyle Hotel Bellora. If we look south, you will come to the beach resort Falkenberg Strandbad and Ystad Saltsjöbad. 100 meters from here you are welcomed to our small Villa Strandvägen. Playful MJ’S can be found in Malmö, and in Denmark, we are proud of the 321-room icon Marienlyst Strandhotel. There is also a yacht in Palma with four rooms and it was given the appropriate name ESSoESS. Skiing, trail, mountain biking and big mountains resulted in the creation of Norway’s only mountain boutique resort Fýri in Hemsedal. We started Steam Hotel in Västerås in 2017 and shortly afterward we opened Sweden’s only beach house, Ellery Beach House, by the water out on Lidingö. Hjortviken Country Club, Maryhill Estate and Skönabäck, we look forward to welcoming new guests in the coming years. We like Denmark very much, so there will soon be another resort experience by the beach in beautiful Køge.

Apart from destinations, we are all foodies. It felt natural to become active partners in several restaurants and nightclubs as well. Cheri-Lee, Barabicu, Tranquilo, Villa Odinslund, Villa Johanneberg, Port du Soleil, Zamenhof, 8ight & EXCET. In addition, we are co-owners of a hardrock band that has a dream and a drive that inspires us, NESTOR. We do believe that music makes everything better.

Our portfolio extends further, as we are also involved in SPIK Studios, the visionary force behind our concepts and interiors. We have also started the companies Mandalas and Home of ESS. Mandales, offers an extensive range from beds to branded products for the hospitality industry. Home of ESS makes it possible to buy our exclusive interior details such as cushions, lighting, paintings, porcelain, and unique ornaments. Our interests and inspiration also come from co-ownership of Market Hype and the company UDDA, formerly known as ‘Coliving’. Market Hype operates innovative systems for marketing and event solutions, while Udda offers coliving experiences beyond the ordinary.

The group of friends that once started it all on the beach in Ystad, today is not young anymore, but still ESS Group’s very involved owners and executive management. But today, they are far from alone. The whole family includes over 2400 employees and more to come. Different personalities but with the same traits — hardworking, passionate, and playful that together create moments of happiness.

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