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Do you have a property you want to transform into a destination, a piece of land that can be a reason for travel, or maybe you are looking for the most exciting hotel operator of the Nordics? Or maybe you’re a great supplier or consultant who wants to be a part of our journey? Do you need more information about our finances or are curious about our upcoming projects? No matter the reason, we believe it all starts with knowing a bit more about us.

Hopefully the following short text gives you just that, further down you’ll find contact details depending on what kind of collaboration you’re interested in.

So, here’s the short story of how it all started and what we believe in. ESS Group was founded in 2007 when we purchased Ystad Saltsjöbad. The hotel was, just like numerous other Swedish beach resorts, a sleepy conference hotel returning to life only during the summer months. At that time, business was sustained by market segments: meetings and conferences and business accommodation. The occupancy was somewhere around 56%. But why can’t conference and business hotels be fully booked all year round and why do they have to be so boring? And what if we focused all our work, effort and money in trying to get our guests to return?

These questions became the start of ESS Group’s destination journey. A journey that now has developed into 10 destinations and 15 restaurants. From Ystad Saltsjöbad, MJ’S and Villa Strandvägen in the south of Sweden to Falkenberg Strandbad along the west coast, followed by Hotel Pigalle and Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg and The Steam Hotel just by lake Mälaren close to Stockholm. We have also stepped outside of Sweden and opened Fýri – Resort of Hemsedal in Norway, followed by Marienlyst in Helsingør, Denmark. Our last love Ellery Beach House, is situated on Lidingö in the Stockholm archipelago and our upcoming hotel will be in the neighbourhood Gårda in Gothenburg. Brasserie LIPP, Port du Soleil, Köket, 8ight, Barabicu, Tranquilo, Zamenhof and Excet are restaurants and clubs that we’re also super proud to be part of.

For us, long-term is everything, we do not do short-term business. It’s a mindset that permeates everything we do. We invest strategically and continuously to constantly develop both the experience and our team members at our destinations. By doing this, we stay interesting over time. We are always honest in our communication to our guests, both digitally and in person. The experiences we communicate create expectations that we want to exceed during every single stay. By thinking and acting long term in everything we do we create regulars, ambassadors and relationships. That’s our way of taking responsibility of, and ensuring, the future.

So who are you and how can we help you?
You will find answers to most of your questions below. Whether we are going to build a hotel together, if you are looking for a nice meeting room or if you are on the look out for a job or a collaboration.

What can we do for you?

You will find answers to most questions below. Whether we are going to build a hotel together, if you are looking for a nice meeting room or if you are on the look out for a job or a collaboration.

Create business

I have a property, land or other opportunity and I’m interested in creating a new destination with you guys.

Guest Service Team

Any questions? Ready to book? Yay! Let’s talk! We’ll respond super fast.


Tired of the same old conference experience? We’ve got you covered.


Check out all our destinations – inspired by difference and with the love of details.

Work with us

Want to be part of the family and create moments of happiness every day?

Corporate agreements

Does your company travel to our destinations regularly? Fancy a corporate deal? We promise, it’s gonna be the start of something great.

Give us feedback

I have feedback from my visit to one of your destinations, who should I talk to?

Upcoming visit?

I need to get in touch with someone regarding my upcoming visit, who do I turn to? Our service team can’t wait to help you.

Food & Beverage

I sell magic products that I think will make your guests very happy, who do I contact to introduce myself?

Furnishings & designs

I’m in the furnishing & design industry and I have products that will make your hotels look even greater. Who do I contact?


Yes, here’s what you can call the management. But seriously, the real heroes you’ll find at our destinations. So if you can’t find the one you’re looking for just shoot us an email to friends@essgroup.se and we’ll help you out straight away.

Jonas Stenberg
Jonas StenbergCEO & Partner
Carl Lundgren
Carl LundgrenBrand Director & Partner
Claes Tallhage
Claes TallhageCFO & Partner
Anders Nilsson
Anders NilssonCOO & Partner
Anna-Carin Rasmusson
Anna-Carin RasmussonCommercial Director & Partner
Fredrik Toreskog
Fredrik ToreskogCreative Director & Partner

Let’s Work Together


Do you want to create moments of happiness during your workday? Fancy being a part of a big family where innovation, experiences and turning our guests into regulars are always the top priority? Feel like joining a misson of always exceeding expectations and creating an individual world-class guest experience? Do you see yourself as passionate, professional and playful? Are those all yes? Awesome!

At your service!

Did we manage to inspire you? We’d love to hear what you think or answer any questions you might have. We are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to help out in anyway we can. Give us a call or shoot us an email! Interested in our story or looking for a specific team member at ESS Group? Click here to read more about us.

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