Questions and answers about the Corona virus

Last updated: March 29, 11:00 AM

Are you open? is a question we get from many of you and the answer is YES!
Our doors are open, but we closely follow developments in real time, and take any recommendations issued from the authorities very seriously.

On this page you will find updated information and answers to the most common questions about what we do to reduce the spread of infection, our cancellation and rebooking policies, opening hours, what applies in restaurants, and how we will act if we, against all odds, are forced to close for a limited period.

A hotel is defined by the congestion rules and guidelines about General Gatherings do not apply. Please read more here.

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What measures are you taking to reduce the spread of infection?
The safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority and we carefully follow recommendations and guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We decided early on to introduce extended routines for cleaning all environments. All surfaces such as wet areas, door handles, furniture, key cards, terminals, etc. are washed with disinfectant several times a day.

We have abided by the directives about not having bar service and we have changed our breakfast routines to avoid congestion. We have reduced our capacity in all restaurants and are careful to maintain a distance of at least one meter between staff and patrons.

We require that you – as our guest – are healthy and symptom free when you visit us. The same goes for every member of our staff. At the slightest symptom we – as well as you – stay home.

What do your employees do on site?
Hand sanitizer is available in all our areas and together with regular hand soap in the restrooms, it is used regularly by every member of staff, as well as by guests. Above all, we are extremely careful regarding the day to day health status of our employees and at all of our destinations we have implemented strict routines forbidding personnel from coming to work at the slightest sign of illness.

In what situation should I avoid visiting you?
We respectfully ask you to take responsibility by:

Waiting to visit us at least two weeks after returning home if you have traveled to a risk area. An updated list of risk areas can be found at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Not visiting us if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, Covid-19.

Staying home if you are sick with a general malaise, cough, fever or cold.

Do you have any other general advice?
We all have a responsibility to help in the fight against the spread of the infection:

Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, at least 20 seconds. Use rubbing alcohol as a complement.
Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
Avoid greeting by touching
Avoid larger crowds
Stay home if you are sick
Always cough and sneeze in your armpit or in a paper handkerchief

Together we can ensure that we maintain a safe environment that we can all continue to enjoy.

General gatherings

Due to the Government’s important directive on banning public gatherings over 8 people, we understand that you as a guest are wondering what applies to our hotels and whether we will be open in the future. At the moment, the maximum number of guests in each party is limited to 4 people. This rule applies to restaurant visits only. For general gatherings, the maximum number of 8 persons still applies. In the next paragraph, you will find more information about congestion rules that hotel and restaurant businesses are covered by.

Can a hotel or restaurant be defined as a public gathering?
No. A hotel is instead covered by the congestion rules (see the Public Health Agency’s directive here). It’s up to the Public Health Agency to decide how these rules should apply. As of now, it has been decided that restaurants should help to keep more distance between patrons by not setting tables too close to one another and to not have queues around bars and buffets. All our hotels have adjusted to meet these requirements. We also have fewer guests at our hotels and that means that we can welcome you to a more calm and airy experience.

What do you really mean by public gatherings?
A general gathering is clearly defined by law, and refers to, for example, a demonstration, lecture, gathering for religious practice, a theater, concert or a cinema performance. In order for a meeting to be regarded as public, it must be arranged for the public or that the public has access to it.

Meetings or conferences with more than 8 persons, is that allowed?
As far as meetings and conferences go, these are allowed if they are closed and not freely accessible. For example, a company may have a meeting for its 10 employees. However, an industry association may not have a meeting for people who work in the industry. It is considered to be openly available and therefore not permitted under the current situation. Of course, the other principles apply: being healthy, washing hands and thinking about social distance and extra air.


Is it safe to eat at your restaurant?
We feel that, maybe particularly during these challenging times, we all deserve to eat good food. Of course, we follow the Public Health Agency’s latest regulations in order to ensure that our guests can keep their distance from each other. With that said, we understand if you feel a certain anxiety about eating out.

We have taken several strict measures to reduce the risk of the spread of infection, for you as a guest to feel comfortable and be able to fully enjoy your visit with us.

  • We no longer have printed menus. Instead you can scan a qr-code to see what’s cooking or go to our website to read the menu.
  • We have reduced the number of tables in our restaurants. We have hand sanitizers available in several places in the restaurant as well as in the restroom areas, and these are used regularly by our staff. We encourage you as a guest to do the same.
  • At the moment, the maximum number of guests in each party is limited to 4 people. (A restaurant visit is not considered a public gathering)
  • We have allocated breakfast times to avoid congestion. For lunch and dinner, only table service applies (at our Swedish hotels).
  • We only serve food at the table for lunch and dinner or as take away according to the Public Health Agency’s latest directive. We do this in order to limit the number of guests in certain areas and thereby reducing the risk of infection spreading.
  • Of course, our extended routines for cleaning public spaces also include all areas of our restaurant.
  • Please observe that the last possible slot for booking a table in the restaurant is approximately 2 hours before the restaurant closes / stops serving alcohol.

You are not allowed to serve alcohol after 8 pm. How does this affect me?
The guidelines regarding which areas are open to guests after 20.30 can vary between different regions, updated information is available on each destination’s website.

Also, in order for your stay to be as great as always when staying with us, some of your experiences will be rearranged, such as your check in time. So you’ll have plenty of time to do what you like to do, before heading back to the room. More specific information regarding your experience will be sent to you by email.

Do you offer room service?
Absolutely! If you as a hotel guest would rather eat in your room, most of our hotels offer room service, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right now we pay extra attention to room service around 8 p.m so that you won’t miss anything while staying at your room.

Do you have take away?
Our Swedish hotels currently offer take away, see more specific information on their websites.

Bar serving is actually forbidden now. How do you manage this?
We serve everything at the table. If you want to order take-away food, we will of course arrange this. We warmly recommend you to try out our room service. We have now refined and redefined the meaning of the concept!

Spa & Pool areas

I want to bathe! Is it safe to stay at your spa?
Yes. The swimming pools are chlorinated in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s directives and recommendations on what levels of chlorine should be added in pools to ensure that dangerous bacteria and viruses are killed. This means that the Covid-19 virus also dies in contact with chlorinated water.
The fact that we have a slightly larger amount of chlorine in the water right now is not something that has a negative effect on your health. You can safely continue to splash in peace and quiet.

Do you limit the number of guests?
At present, we have fewer guests. Usually our occupancy is around 95% but now we are seeing radically lower numbers, less than half of our usual occupancy and on weekdays less than that. With different packages, you as a guest are also assigned a slot for visiting the spa area. All in all, it will never be crowded with other guests.

We urge all our guests to keep a reasonable distance (no one likes to stand close to a stranger in a bathing suit anyway ..?) And we also remind all our guests to shower before and after bathing.

Cancellation / Rebooking

Many of you need answers to what applies to cancellation and rebooking and we understand your frustration when you get stuck in telephone queues trying to reach us! Unfortunately, at present we do not have the possibility of answering all your questions as quickly as we want, instead we have gathered the most common questions and answers here.

Private guests

Ystad Saltsjöbad, Villa Strandvägen, Ellery Beach House, Falkenberg Strandbad & Steam Hotel

How close to my arrival can I rebook my stay?

You can rebook your stay free of charge to an equivalent day of the week up to and including 30/5 2021. If rebooking to a date after 30/5, an additional charge may apply.
You need to rebook your stay no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. If you cancel or rebook later than 24 hours prior to arrival, your stay will be debited in full. If you want to cancel your entire stay, cancellation is free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. To help you in the most efficient way possible, please contact your hotel by phone or by e mail. We also welcome you to chat with us on the hotel website. Please have your booking reference number ready.

Hotel Pigalle, Hotel Bellora & MJ’s

How close to my arrival can I cancel or rebook my stay?
You can cancel and rebook your stay until 3p.m on the day of arrival, free of charge. Contact the hotel you booked by phone or email directly (see contact details below). You can also chat with us on the website. Have your booking number available for quicker help and easier access to your specific booking.

What about the Christmas gift?
The Christmas gift can be rebooked at no extra charge when rebooking at least 24 hours before arrival and during the stated validity period. If the Public Health Agency chooses to introduce further restrictions that hinders you from visiting us, the validity period will be prolonged with the equivalent time period.

What happens if I have a booking and the hotel or resort is forced to close for a period?

As long as it is safe, we stay open. We do closely follow developments and recommendations from relevant authorities. Should we receive a directive to close hotels or restaurants for a couple of weeks or months, we will of course help you in rebooking your stay with us so you can visit us as soon as we reopen.

We are excessive optimists and we really hope that this won’t happen, but if that should be the case, we kindly ask you to have a little extra patience with us when contacting us via phone or email. Should such a situation occur, many will want to come in contact with us at the same time, but together we will of course find solutions for you, as soon as we can!

Corporate guests

What if I have a booked conference or meeting?
For companies that have booked a conference or a meeting with us, the cancellation agreements apply as agreed.
You, our corporate guests, are extremely important to us right now. We want to give you a special deal if you book your winter meetings and conferences with us now. Please contact us by sending an e mail to to learn more about this offer!

Contact us (but please be patient)

A lot of guests are trying to get in touch with us right now. Thank you in advance for understanding that it might take a wee bit longer to answer.
You can always chat with us directly – go to our web site to get started!

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