Staying safe with us

Last updated:29 September, 8:00 A.M

On this page you will find updated information and answers to the most common questions about what we do to reduce the spread of infection, our cancellation and rebooking policies, contact information, what applies in restaurants etc.

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We decided early on to introduce extended routines for cleaning all environments. All surfaces such as wet areas, door handles, furniture, key cards, terminals, etc. are washed with disinfectant several times a day.

We require that you – as our guest – are healthy and symptom free when you visit us. The same goes for every member of our staff. At the slightest symptom we – as well as you – stay home.

We respectfully ask you to take responsibility by:

Waiting to visit us at least two weeks after returning home if you have traveled to a risk area. An updated list of risk areas can be found at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Please don’t visit us if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, Covid-19 as well as staying home if you are sick with a general malaise, cough, fever or cold.

Together we can ensure that we maintain a safe environment that we can all continue to enjoy.


In the restaurants, we offer our menus via QR code which you can easily scan with your own phone.

We have allocated breakfast times to avoid congestion. For lunch and dinner, only table service applies (at our Swedish hotels).

Of course, our extended routines for cleaning public spaces also include all areas of our restaurant.

If you as a hotel guest would rather eat in your cozy room, most of our hotels offer room service during the majority of the day. Where room service is not available, it is instead good to, for example, order bar food and take it up to the room.

At present, all our Swedish hotels also offer take away, see more specific information on each website.

Spa & Pool areas

In our spa and pool areas, we limit the number of guests by having a variety of hotel packages that allows you all to be in different places in the house at different times.
We urge all our guests to keep a reasonable distance (no one likes to stand close to a stranger in a bathing suit anyway ..?) And we also remind all our guests to shower before and after bathing.

Cancellation / Rebooking

For private guests who have booked a stay at one of our resort hotels, Ystad Saltsjöbad, Villa Strandvägen, Ellery Beach House, Falkenberg Strandbad & Steam Hotel, the following applies:

If you need to cancel or rebook your stay, free cancellation applies up to 7 days before arrival. If canceled up to 24 hours before date of arrival, 100 percent of all nights will be charged. Contact your hotel for assistance. You can also chat with us on the website and hotel website respectively. Having your booking number available will make it easier for both us and yourself.

If your stay is already rebooked, the following applies:

The cancellation policy only applies for the booking’s original date.

If you have rebooked your visit, it’s not possible to cancel without full payment. However, you still have the possibility to change date but need to consider fee changes.

For our city hotels Hotel Pigalle, Hotel Bellora and MJ’s, you can cancel and rebook your stay until 3 p.m on the day of arrival free of charge. Contact the hotel you booked by phone or email directly (see contact details below). You can also chat with us on the website. Having your booking number available will make it easier for both us and yourself.

For companies that have booked a conference or a meeting with us, the cancellation agreements apply as agreed.
We want to be as flexible as possible and make sure that you feel safe regarding the cancellation terms. Email Calle, Susanna, Tessan, Kristian and the sales team at and we will tell you more.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns

You can also chat with us directly – go to our web site to get started!

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