Friends of ESS Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership in Friends of ESS is the only way to receive ESS Group’s newsletter and text messages, which provides you with news, offers and opportunities to participate in competitions concerning the Hotels included within the ESS Group.


Here you can read about the terms and conditions of a Friends of ESS membership.

1.1 Membership in Friends of ESS is granted only to natural persons over the age of 18 years. Companies and other legal entities cannot become members.
1.2 Membership in Friends of ESS is free.
1.3 Membership in Friends of ESS also includes membership with all ESS Group hotels.
1.4 When you sign up as a member, all information about the membership is sent to the specified email address.
1.5. When becoming a member you’ll receive discounted hotelprices at certain days and packages. To activate your deal enter your mobile phone number in our webbooking engine.
1.6 The ESS Group reserves the right to terminate the membership in the event of misuse of the membership.
1.7 Membership will be immediately terminated at the request of the member. Termination must be made in writing to the ESS Group.
1.8 If any major changes are made to this policy that differs from those stated at time of membership registration we will inform you.
1.9 Registration of the membership means that the member accepts the membership terms and conditions for Friends of ESS.

  1. OTHER

Here you can read other information regarding the Friends of ESS membership terms and conditions.

2.1 Friends of ESS is an online service. Therefore, communication with the members takes place primarily via the Internet and e-mail.
2.2 The ESS Group will use the registry or database to tailor relevant information, marketing and marketing communications to the members.
2.3 Subject to published material and changes in benefits, discounts and prices.
2.4 Membership terms, conditions and service benefits are subject to change. Updated regulations are always available here
2.5 The ESS Group reserves the right to make changes or terminate without prior notice or compensation.
2.6 Upon termination of the membership, information about the member will be deleted from the member database.
2.7 In the event of a change of name, address, e-mail or telephone number, the member should inform the ESS Group in writing via the e-mail address, in order to receive updated information concerning the member.
2.8 Your mobile number is your member ID and shall be given at time of reservation in order to receive membership benefits.
2.9 The ESS Group reserves the right to store member information and information for use in marketing and communications by post, email, phone or SMS.
2.10 Registered personal information will only be processed and stored in order to provide information and administrate the membership, and also to coordinate offers and activities with ESS Group’s partners.
2.11 Disputes regarding membership terms and conditions are settled according to Swedish law. Disputes are settled in the Swedish courts.

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