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Within the ESS Group we process Personal Data for users, customers and members of the ESS member’s club Friends of ESS, who use our services. We value your privacy and comply with all legislation aimed at protecting you as an individual. The ESS Group is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data on this website. For information about how to contact us, see the heading Contact us at the top of the page.

Personal Data” means any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a currently living natural person.

This privacy policy applies only to Friends of ESS members and to users of the ESS Group website.

The ESS Group uses Personal Data primarily to administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services, process your bookings, optimise your experience of the Services and personalise communication with you. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in order to understand how and for what purposes we process your Personal Data. By submitting your Personal Data to us and accepting the applicable terms and conditions, you agree that your Personal Data will be processed as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If the law requires more specific consent from you, we will be compelled to ask for one.

This Privacy Policy, together with the ESS Group membership terms, the ESS Group Terms of Use and the ESS Group Cookie Policy and any other terms and conditions governing the ESS Group processing of Personal Data, provides the basis for how we process Personal Data that you provide when you use our services or which we collect about you.

Changes to these terms and conditions are announced by the publication of the new terms and conditions on the ESS Group website, and we therefore recommend that you read them regularly. If you add Personal Data concerning other people, you become responsible for ensuring that the ESS Group is entitled to process such data in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.


By using the ESS Group website, you agree to the ESS Group actively collecting, managing, storing and using, and otherwise processing your personal data in order for the ESS Group and its affiliates to be able to provide the products and services provided via the ESS Group website. For persons under the age of 18 years, consent from legal guardians for the registration and handling of personal data is required. By agreeing to these terms, you confirm that you are either over the age of 18 or your guardian consents to the ESS Group storing and handling your personal data in accordance with these terms and conditions. The ESS Group reserves the right to have the consent verified.

The ESS Group may use subcontractors to perform a variety of functions, such as marketing, updating your data, e.g. using the company Decidas and other technical services for the website. In some cases these subcontractors may have access to users’ personal data, if this is necessary for them to carry out an assignment on behalf of the ESS Group. The ESS Group processes all personal data with the utmost caution and the ESS Group subcontractors may only use personal data to carry out assignments on behalf of the ESS Group.

The ESS Group may disclose Personal Data to third parties, such as the police or other government agency, in case of criminal investigation or if the ESS Group is otherwise required by law or authority decision to disclose such data.

The ESS Group does not transfer Personal Data to countries outside the EU/EEA, but if we have a subcontractor in a country outside the EU/EEA, or if it is necessary for us to perform our contractual obligations to you, the transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA may take place even if that country, according to the European Commission, does not have adequate protection for Personal Data. In order to ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Data in such situations and compliance with EU/EEA regulations, the ESS Group enters agreements with such subcontractors that comply with the requirements set out in applicable law to protect the Personal Data transferred. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree that your personal data may be transferred to companies and organisations, both inside and outside the EU.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you also agree that data/registration information is used to identify which target group you belong to, for marketing purposes. You also agree that such information may be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. Such disclosure of information is always anonymous. You have the right, upon submitting a written application to the ESS Group, to obtain information about what personal data is registered about you. You can request to have any inaccurate personal data corrected. You may also apply to have your personal data deleted. Such an application may be submitted to Customer Service by sending an e-mail to


The ESS Group collects Personal Data for various purposes. The personal data collected and the manner of collecting them depend on the Services you use.

The ESS Group uses Personal Data to

administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services;

process your reservations and orders of the Services,

contact you via SMS or e-mail, or to notify you of your booking status and to provide information in connection to your reservation before, during and after your stay,

diagnose errors, optimise the technology and be able to contact you in case of problems with a booking or the performance of the Services,

analyse and improve the quality and experience of the services, for example by verifying that your user account is not being used by others,

personalise communication with you regarding our Services, for example by creating a profile for you and sending offers that match your profile as a user of our Services,

analyse statistics and user behaviour regarding our Services,

increase your usefulness and experience of our Services in other ways we feel you would appreciate, or

for marketing services and products, both directly or indirectly, including behavioural marketing.

You have the right to request, at any time and without charge, that the ESS Group does not process your Personal Data for marketing purposes or revoke your consent. You can avail yourself of this right by contacting the ESS Group using the following email address:

However, please note that even if consent is revoked, the ESS Group may continue to process your personal data on another legal basis, such as for fulfilment of an agreement.

If you sign up to ESS VIP Club Friends of ESS, we will collect your national registration number and email address in order to create the membership. We store complete contact information in the form of your national registration number, name, age, gender, mobile phone number, address and contact information. This is done in order to keep your data updated – accurate and up-to-date information (population register) and to deliver as personalised and relevant communication to you as possible. As a member of Friends of ESS, you will receive newsletters with the ESS Group offers and news. You can choose to unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time by using the link in the newsletter. You can also choose to unsubscribe from your ESS Group membership by using either the link in the newsletter or on our website.

The data is saved for as long as you choose to remain a member of Friends of ESS.

Upon being linked to the respective hotel/restaurant website, the personal data processing will be specified there.

We also use personification in our communication via social media and web advertising on other websites. We use cookies for analysis of user patterns and personification. You can read more about our cookie policy here.

When you book a hotel via an online Travel Agency, such as or (digital partner), you are providing your personal information to them. This personal data is looked after and managed by each respective actor in accordance with their personal data policy.

When a booking is made through an OTA, they will send certain personal data to the respective hotels, in order to confirm that the reservation has been made.

When booking through a travel agent, you are submitting your personal data to the travel agent and agreeing to the travel agent’s processing of this data in their business. The travel agent can therefore identify you, for example using your booking number.

We are not responsible for the respective actor’s handling of the personal data that you directly provided to them.

Once you have made a booking with us, we will use your personal information to send you a booking confirmation, important information about your upcoming stay and offers linked to your stay. Such mailings will be sent to the e-mail address provided in connection with the booking.

After your stay, a survey is sent out, where you answer questions about your stay in order to help us improve our services. We will also send an email thanking you for your visit.

Before and during the stay, we may send out information via SMS to the mobile phone number specified in connection with the booking. For example, the details of available SPA times, important information for your stay or reminder of an appointment with a restaurant.

The ESS Group complies with good practice within the hotel industry.

The ESS Group saves all the personal data we collect in our customer database.

This same personal data may be stored in several different locations for different purposes. This may mean that data that has been removed from a system because it is no longer necessary, may remain in another system, where it is stored on the basis of consent or for another purpose in which the personal data is still needed.

the ESS Group screens Personal Data in accordance with the current applicable law. This means that the ESS Group deletes or derecognises personal data when the purpose of processing the personal data no longer exists.

The ESS Group takes ongoing steps to comply with the principles of “built-in data protection and data protection standards”. The ESS Group continuously evaluates the risks of any personal data processing that takes place and takes the necessary security measures in order to mitigate the risks.

We continuously educate our staff in data protection issues. Do you have direct questions about how the ESS Group works with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – do not hesitate to contact the ESS Group.

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